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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Meet Logic, the Punctual, Seinfeld-Loving Rapper Who Turned Down a Deal with Nas




As the press run keeps rolling, Logic did an interview with VillageVoice.com. Read the interesting conversation below.


You’re one of only two rappers (the other being Tech N9ne) who has shown up early to an interview. 

I show up 20 minutes early to business meetings and interviews and stuff. I’m so business-oriented. I run my own company. I have employees. I fund everything. I pay for my tours. It’s not like I have anybody to release the burden on. I’m not the typical guy, you tell me where to rap or where to go. It just doesn’t work that way for me. It’s more of a burden, but I enjoy it.

What strikes me is how pleasant and happy-go-lucky you are. Given your background, people would expect you to be brooding or a difficult interview. 

I saw the positive in the situation, even as a kid. Of course, there have been times that I’ve broken down or gone through a bunch of shit or freaked out or had doubt. That’s completely normal but you do your best to look at the positive in the situation. Even when everything gets completely bleak.

How do you cope? Are you religious or spiritual?

I have a strong relationship with God but I’m not religious. My mother was overly religious and almost like brainwashing, bible-thumper kind of crazy. I feel like I would be like a Satanist out of spite. [Laughs]. I think it was just God and common sense. My brothers were in the street selling crack and my Dad was smoking crack. My Mom was in the house and she was an alcoholic and popping pills and my sisters were getting pregnant. Witnessing all of this going on, my Mom getting beat by men, and all this crazy shit, it was like, “Here’s what not to do.”

Have you reconciled with your parents? 

I haven’t talked to my Mom in years because she’s not a good person, unfortunately. She’s extremely prejudice against everybody. Race, religion. That’s the type of person she is. It’s very hard. I can’t understand. So all my brothers and sisters are black looking and I’m the only one who looks white. We all lived in this household with our mother and she was racist. It was weird.

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